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for vets and pets

New branding for a new generation.

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Locally Sourced

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Meet our best seller


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Trying to get the smell out of your exam room? Just did an anal gland exam? Basement smells like the air is stale? Want it to smell nice instead? This is for you.

The product works in two steps: first, it eats any naturally made scent particles. Then, it adds a light fresh smell, and it works within 30 seconds. It doesn’t just cover the bad smell, it actually gets rid of it.

Spritzers are also great to sell to clients - it’s a specialty product, so it’s more effective than store-bought scent removers or air fresheners. 

A brand you can trust

Enjay Enterprises is a family business trusted by vets across the country since 2004. Our products are simple and effective. 

Eco-friendly, dye-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, locally sourced and made in Canada.

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Our most popular products


Air Mist

An unscented deodorizing room spray that works in seconds.

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Odour End

A surface spray to quickly remove odours from all types of surfaces



A scented deodorizing room spray that works in seconds. 


Stain & Odour Remover

Naturally removes stains and odours from all types of surfaces.


All-in-one Shampoo

A lightly scented shampoo and conditioner combo.

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