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The Full Story

Enjay Enterprises

Enjay is a family business. Grandpa was a chemist, and Aunt was a vet tech.

I'm a young entrepreneur and am bringing this business into the next generation.

The Next Generation

My name is Charlotte, and I'm the granddaughter of the chemist behind the products and the niece of the vet tech behind the vision. I carry the same values of quality, local sourcing, and customer care. My goal is to keep the ethics and quality that this Enjay is founded on while breathing new life and energy to keep the family business going forward. Special shoutout to my mother who is an incredible accountant and sales person and has been working with the business since its conception. 

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Facts about Enjay

  • We have over 600 vet practices who purchase from us in Ontario and Alberta.

  • Products are exclusively designed for and sold to vet practices.

  • Spritzers and Stain and Odour Remover are often resold for household use. 

  • We were founded in 2004 and have been a trusted name in the industry since then. 

  • All communications are directly with the owner to ensure quality control. 

  • Everything from labels to bottles to the products themselves are locally sourced. 

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